Work Ethic

“Just work harder”

I can’t tell you how many times I heard this growing up when i would inquire as to how to make more money.

I do not agree with this as the wealthiest people in America seem to have time to enjoy their wealth as well.  I’m not saying they are not full of hustle, they absolutely are.  Though at a certain point as I have already discussed, you get to a point with wealth that your money begins making money for you, and becomes your best and most productive employee.  This allows you the freedom to not always have to grind if you choose to slow down, some do, some don’t.

The idea of working harder to make more money still only works so much as long as you are trading money for time, there are only 24 hours in a day…. if you were to work all of those hours then that is the highest possible amount you can make with the working harder theory, and that’s with no food, no breaks, and no sleep, oh and also no family time…. not a very good system

I had some friends who thought this way begin a venture in a unique business.  They are wheelchair ramps memphis tn.  They worked their butt off but are finally reaping hte rewards of not having to any longer trade their time for money

I believe in working smarter, sometimes that means that there are times to haul, and it qualifies as working harder.  But my goal would be to continue to find ways to make my effort worth more to someone.  Whatever that effort is in, doesn’t matter as much to me.