The Long Game

The Long Game is important, and becoming increasingly harder to stay focused on.

In an incresing world of speed, information, and on demand, our brains are becoming more and more trained for the here and now.  Instant gratification has never been more popular and it will be increasing with each generation.

70% of Americans that are not in poverty, are living paycheck to paycheck.  That is what the middle class has become.  It is no longer a place to be desired, and it has no long term security.

Though that statistic is asotnishing on it’s own, it has also never been easier to make money than in today’s technological world.  Just because budgets keep getting tighter and the middles class keeps getting squeezed doesn’t mean spending has stopped.  Credit Cards take care of that for us.  There were over 300,000 new Millionaires last year alone.  How can that be right?!

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Complacency, and not playing the long game has most of hte American public in a bad way.  With no long term play and no future and no setup for their kids.  Getting the kids through college has been the biggest push but after that…. no plan…. pay off the college lol.  That’s the blue collar mentality.

Pull yourself up by the boot straps and watch the video below and let’s see if we can find some wealth together.