Money Money Money

They say the love of money is the root of all evil.

And that money doesn’t buy happiness…..

I don’t know.  People wiht yachts and jets seem pretty happy most of the time to me.  Maybe the grass is always greener  though, and I assume a certain kind of wealth comes wiht its own set of problems.  Like always wondering whether or not your friends like you for you or if its because of your money and things.

I have never been a proponent of money ruling one’s life or even having a high place of importance in it, however there is something that I have come to realize lately.

We all have skillsets, and we are all good at something, or muultiple things.

What’s the difference in skillsets that brings one person $1000 a week, as opposed the bringing another person $10000 a week.

The answer is very little.  Now obviously some people just don’t have any business sense but the reality is that we have all been trained growing up that a career means that we trade our time for money.  Which makes the goal then to land a career that values that time higher so we can make more per hour of work.  Of course all of these “jobs” will have an earning cap that you will reach sooner or later.

So I must ask this, it seems to me that once you break free from this mentality that making money can kind of snowball.  You bankroll yourself with $100, turn it into $1000, turn the $1000 into $10000.  Now make that into $10000 a month and so on and so forth.  You are playing the same game of multiplication and as time goes by and you get more keen at the game then the stakes get higher and your cash flow and capital gains continue to increase.  It take the same amount of effort if not more actually to get from the intial $100 to $1000 as it will between $10000 and $100,000.

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So why don’t more of us look at money this way, why do so many of us become so complacent with trading our time for a limited amount of money.  Money that won’t last as the value of it continues to decrease, inflation continues to rise.  You keep working more hours, but are not getting paid any more and your debt keeps going up.  Every year that goes by your margin for creating savings gets thinner and thinner and there is no long term sercurity in the middle class.


How can you make more money this month, and not spend it, but bankroll it into something more?  What skills can you use to not trade skills for money, but get paid to employ?